7 Ways How To Repair Shoes With Glue

When your shoes or boots start to feel comfortable, you notice a split on the side of the sole or a heel begins to separate. You can put the culprit to a shoemaker for a “shoe restoration” to repair the sole or glue back the boot heel, or you can do it yourself with glue. How to repair shoes with glue is easy and will only be a short while and you ready to go.

Shoe glue is the darling of skateboarders as it glues most things together and fills in some severe gaps left by the road scraping off parts of the sneakers. The glue can be purchased in hardware stores and some sports shops and safely online. It is quite thick and comes in clear, black and white.

Some of the glues to use are Super Glue and Krazy Glue which are cyanoacrylates – that’s the chemical basis of superglue or Krazy Glue. Advanced or commercial super glues have properties that make them a better fix than off-the-shelf super glue. Both types of products (shoe glue and super glue) are used. Both types of glue will last for quite a while, so are good to have, as they will not go wrong and will be available when you need them. Both will dry flexibly.

Some examples of situations where you could use the glue are:

  1. The top of the sneaker or running shoe is starting to fall apart.
  2. The heel of a boot begins to separate or falls off.
  3. Two layers of leather on dress shoes begin to separate.

How To Rebuild A Heel With The Glue

How To Repair Shoes With Glue

  • Use a little sandpaper to roughen the surface; it gives the glue something to which it can be attached.
  • For a cleavage in a shoe, try to hold the shoe so that the gap is as wide open as possible so that the glue can enter the difference and run down into it.
  • Place the tip of the spout against the edge and gently push a drop into the gap and shape it with a stick. If it is quite long, you may need to run the tip of the bottle along the line of the gap while pressing some glue inside it.
  • Set the bottle aside and press the two surfaces together. When pressing the two surfaces together, some glue might spill out, therefore, scrape off with a piece of wood or metal to get the edge smooth. Give it a few more minutes, and you can walk in your shoes or boots.
  • For good results wait for 24 hours before walking on the shoe. It dries shiny, and the shoe will be flexible when cured.

Broken heels can be divided into two categories:

heels that are completely broken from the shoe and heels that are broken in two. To rebuild a heel that has completely broken off the shoe;

  • First, re-attach the heel. Nails alone are not enough to anchor the heel securely. Coat the shoe sole with one of the above adhesives.
  • After carefully aligning the detached heel, press the detached heel onto the shoe sole and hold it there. Let the glue dry. (The time required depends on the type of glue used, so read the instructions for the adhesive.
  • Once the glue is dry, gently tap the nails back into their original holes. It is essential to coat the nails with glue before you nail them. This will ensure that the nails remain firm. You can add some extra nails for extra stability.
  • One of the advantages of this type of product is that it thickens meaning that if you place a drop on the edge of a crack or joint that is just beginning to divide, it will go into that space. It’s going to be pulled into it somehow, so less mess.

How to repair shoes with glue is easy, and you’re ready to go to work or party. When you find that the heel of your dress shoe is loose, use the glue, and within a few minutes, you are good to go.


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